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The Audio Exam Player is a free download for you and all your students, and from this page you can request a free full version of the Audio Exam Creator as a one time offer for your school. Complete the second survey after the 30 days and you will be able to upgrade the Creator when new versions come out.


In the Message* make your request by saying:

"Send me a free full version of the Creator for my school, and I will evaluate the app and complete 2 short surveys. My school system/district name is: _____________. My school name is: _____________, & it's address is: _________________."

Use the fields below, or, send your request and Your Full Name directly to:

- School email is required when making this request.
- Limit of one free full version of the Audio Exam Creator per school
- School systems can get Creators for half-price using Apple's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)


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