This website will give informal articles reflecting on:

(1) my own experience living with dyslexia,

(2) ways of accommodating for inadequate visual reading and spelling so that reading and writing tasks can be completed quickly and effortlessly,

(3) the opportunities that are made available by the newest technologies, and

(4) the challenges faced by families, schools, and other institutions as they strive to provide accommodations that enable students with dyslexia to realize their full potential.

Mike Matvy, Ed.S., N.C.S.P. (Ret.)

School Psychologist (Ret.)/Assistive Technology Specialist/ Teacher/ iOS Developer
Knoxville, TN
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Biography :

Before retiring from public education in 2010, I worked for 36 years, as a teacher, a school psychologist, and an assistive technology specialist. For the last eighteen of my twenty-nine years with Knox County Schools, Knoxville, TN, I was a part of developing and implementing an Assistive Technology Services Program that provided leadership: locally, statewide, and nationally. I continue to write, advocate for students, and provide assistive technology services, privately.

After flunking out of college in the late 1960’s, I began using reading by listening to accommodate for my own dyslexia and went from making F's in classes that required reading to making A's. I completed my degree using audiobooks for reading and using a secretary to type my dictation for writing. I went on to complete two advanced degrees. After years of working as a school psychologist, I found that I could teach others the latest techniques for reading by listening and writing by speaking, so all students can overcome the limiting effects of slow inadequate visual reading, read by listening at 250 to 350+ words per minute with good comprehension, and write as fast as they can speak, without spelling or typing.

My passion comes from years of helping bright students unlock their potential and having them see that they do not have to let slow and labored visual reading hold them back. These students have succeeded in school using reading by listening and writing by speaking and gone on to college, advanced degrees, and careers.

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