The Need for Rereading


Another requirement of Aural Reading (Reading by Listening) is a read and rereading procedure that lets the reader engage the text in much the same way a visual reader does. While one cannot stop a radio reader or a lecturer and have the last sentence repeated, we all know that reading text visually is different in that way. If we don't get a word or sentence when we first read, it we automatically reread that word or sentence. This lets us read fast because we know that any time we can go back, reread, and study a word, phrase, or sentence that we didn't immediately understand.

This lets us push the limits of our comprehension by processing text rapidly that is easily understood and by spending more time and study on parts of the text that we find more challenging or more interesting. This rapid reading and rereading enables us to maximize our engagement in the reading and maintain our interest and enjoyment in learning. Aural Readers only get this needed option with devices that are designed with reread features built into them. Examples of these reread features are two features of the Victor Reader Stream: (1) With each press and release of the rewind key the audio, will rewind exactly five seconds. (2) With each press and release of the move back key the audio, will rewind exactly one minute. These features and other features let an Aural Reader set the player to their desired playback speed, read rapidly until there is a need to reread, read faster, read slower, move back, move forward, and skip and skim through the text much as a visual reader does. Note: A rewind feature has recently been added to "Learning Ally Audio", making this free iOS app suitable for reading and studying textbooks.

Devices for playing text are available in many forms, desk top, handheld, computer, and tablets but they must have read/reread features and adjustable speed playback features if they are to be considered Aural Reading devices and used for studying. Players without these functions, may be suitable for entertainment or recreational reading if students never need to go back to reread a previous word, sentence, or passage, but they are grossly inadequate for studying. When considering an audio text playback system for Aural Reading, check to be sure that it has these functions. Some other examples of systems that have these two functions are: VoiceOver on iPads, iPod Touches, iPhones, and Mac computers; WindowEyes on Windows Computers, Victor Reader Classic X + book players, and NLS/BPH Digital Talking Book Players.